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    Yancheng Advanced Insulation Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. It is an esteemed insulation material manufacturer with brand ADAS registered , which mainly produce fiberglass insulation sleeving (yearly production 200 million meters), flexible lamination (3500 tons/year) , woven tape ( yearly production 50 million meters) and insulation lamination sheet (4000 tons per year) , the thermal class covers: B, F, H, N,and C , the enterprise is managed strictly according to ISO9001 system (Registered No.: E03817Q01957R2M), and passed UL approval ( File No. : E345432) ,all products comply with IEC standard and ROHS as well as REACH test.

    The electrical insulation technology from ADAS is always professional and in a leading position in international insulation industry , ADAS is a global supplier on insulation material field , which ever provided dozens of electrical insulation system for different industries and widely used for wind power ,thermal power generation ......


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    Email:adas@adasinsulation.com, sales@adasinsulation.com

    Factory address:Xinqiao Industrial Park ,Biancang ,Tinghu Distric,Yancheng Jiangsu China

    Sales office: RM 601-602 South Building Julong Center FengHuangHui Plaza NO.266 South Jiefang Road Yancheng Jiangsu China